Our Solutions

We are leveraging the availability of a broad range of expertise to build an engineering capability that will be unmatched in the industry. SLTS is able to provide networking and communications solutions to meet a very wide range of requirements: from the smallest business house to a factory complex spread over a large locality to a government organization with offices throughout the country.

Our vision is to let our customers benefit from the most advanced communication technologies available and help the country to bridge the "digital divide". In order to provide cost effective solutions to our clients in keeping with the local context while conforming to strict ethical and business standards, we have decided to promote open source or "free license" software products. Following describe some of the networking solutions available at present time. Our marketing officers will always be happy to update you on the latest products.

Structured cabling

Our data cabling solutions are provided using both UTP and fiber with state-of-the-art voice and data copper cabling systems. These ensure that the networks are both reliable and flexible. Further, we also provide power solutions to PCs and UPS.

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Server & Storage Solutions (IBM/HP/DELL/NEC)

Storages solutions are best suited for server infrastructures as they are designed to satisfy needs such as virtualization, cloud environment and low-power operation. SLTS provides various storage solutions suitable for server consolidation and virtualization environments with high performance and high availability.

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TRENDNet Networking Products

SLTS is the sole distributor for TRENDNet networking products in Sri Lanka. TRENDNet networking equipment is imported from USA. TRENDNet is famed for producing the world's smallest wireless adapter. The brand supplies any network equipment from small wireless adapters to SAN,NAS data storage devices. TRENDNet offers products with extremely competitive features at lower prices with an attractive warranty period.

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Enterprise switching, routing & wireless

We also furnish network equipment to customers including enterprise switching, routing & wireless equipment. SLTS enterprise networks solutions help you accelerate innovation, reduce cost and complexity, enhance security and benefit from the full value of mobility.

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Surviellance Systems (IP and CCTV)

SLTS offers complete CCTV and IP based surveillance systems encompassing all your monitoring needs. Our designs can be customized according to your needs ranging from a small home to a large corporation.

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Microsoft solutions

SLTS provide support for organizations in the areas of development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions and infrastructures such as Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

IT Security Solutions

Providing online security for users is another service offered by SLTS. Our IT security solutions include firewalls, anti –virus and web and message security, securing your data and information from malware threats.

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Managed services

SLTS managed services are dedicated to providing our customers with a high level of support for their day to day business IT needs. Our professional support Services is provided through the purchase of Annual or incident based Service level agreements.

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Software solutions

We are specialized in developing all types of software for any platform. We offers professional services of customized software development, web design and web application and many more realiable solutions. our team of dedicated professional is proficiently expertise in this field.

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Web solutions

With the development of technology in global market environment we provide best solution to introduce your business to people who living in world wide throughout internet, it is not just only introduction its build up the image of your organisation. The corporate website gives good presence and value added to any organisation which is running in competitive business environment. SLTS web development team take challenge to build your global image by providing well designed up to date web site with attractive designing.

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ERP solutions

SLTS TES (Total Enterprise System) which is an enterprise resource planning system which will manage entire informational requirement across the organization. This will integrate all organizational departments including financial/accounting, marketing, Sales and customer relationship, manufacturing into a single point and will automate all activities with integrated software application.

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Banking solutions

Banking is being restyled by technology. As transactions move from the physical to the digital world, banks need to rethink how they engage with their customers. QuickBank helps banks align their technology strategy with their business goals.

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Out Side plant Business

Our main business activity is Planning, Designing and the construction of Outside Plant projects for Telecom Carriers.

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