Banking solutions


goes beyond core banking to provide an integrated Banking system,designed to transform your bank in to a market leader.

Accelerated transformation with rapid time-to-value

Banking is being restyled by technology. As transactions move from the physical to the digital world, banks need to rethink how they engage with their customers. QuickBank helps banks align their technology strategy with their business goals.

Micro Banking Application – Key Benefits

Web Based Solution (Easy Access, Easy to Implement Cloud Concept)

Linux Based Solution (Security High)

No need to purchase support application license

Multi User and Multi Location

Customer Registration/ Account Opening/ GL/ Saving/Loan/Pawing/Micro Leasing Modules


  • Manage customer
  • Mange saving
  • Customer Account Manage
  • Print passbook
  • Counter transaction
  • Inter branch transaction
  • Inspect a transaction
  • Cash voucher
  • Check deposit
  • Manger field office collections.
  • Mange field officer penalty.
  • Bulk transfer to account list.
  • Interest calculation .
  • Account balance migration
  • MIS reports

  • Admin Features

  • User Control & security
  • Branch Managment Facility
  • Database Managment
  • Leasing Module

  • Create and manage Leasing product
  • Map product with ledger accounts
  • Add documents for Product
  • Manage Chargers for product
  • Manage Securities
  • Manage customer application
  • Create facility
  • Initiate facility
  • Activate/Cancel facility
  • Disburse facility
  • Due rental
  • Settle rental
  • Manage arias rentals
  • Manage none performing facilities
  • Early Settlement/Manuel closure
  • of facility Auto closure of facility
  • Reschedules of facility
  • Repossession of facility
  • Automate Journal entry
  • MIS reports
  • Loan Module

  • Loan product creation
  • Loan application
  • Loan application view and update
  • Loan application inspection (check)
  • Approve Process
  • Disposing loans
  • Loan progress
  • Loan Inquiry
  • Loan recoveries
  • Loan manual payments
  • Loan early close
  • Loan early recover
  • Reverse loan payments
  • Reschedule a loan
  • GL entry automation
  • Add existing loans into the system
  • MIS reports
  • General Ledger

  • Chart of account
  • Map products to ledgers
  • Control account map
  • Map tax types to Ledger
  • Cash voucher
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Journal entry
  • Reverse entry
  • Authorized entry
  • Monitor book entry
  • Automate Journal entry
  • Create standing journal entry
  • Trial balance report
  • PNL
  • Ledger account opening balance
  • MIS reports
  • Pawning Module

  • Manage Customers
  • Manage product details
  • Article Management
  • Releasing Article
  • Print of pawning ticket
  • Renew pawning tickets
  • Authorize levels
  • Generate un-redemption letters
  • Control Maximum Issuing Amount Percentage
  • Searching Option with various parameters
  • Auction Management.
  • GL entry automation
  • MIS reports
  • Fixed Deposit

  • Create fixed deposit product
  • Define tenor
  • Define interest schemas
  • Automate renew deposits
  • Automate interest transfer to accounts
  • Manage tax
  • Generate fixed deposit certificate
  • Cancel fixed deposit certificate
  • Print certificate
  • GL entry automation
  • MIS reports
  • Professional services and customer support

    An industry proven best practice approach – that's the guiding principle of our professional services and support model. SLTS clients benefit from our long track record of successful implementations.

    Best-practice delivery

    The SLTS delivery model is incorporated into our entire productlifecycle. We leverage best practice business processes in the design,development and quality assuranceof all of our products. While we acknowledge that one size doesn't fit all in financial software, we know that a delivery approach that focuses on industry proven best practice process models helps our clients to save costs and benefit from the institutional knowledge SLTS has developed across thousands of successful implementations

    Component architecture

    Unlike other banking systems which only have a SOA 'wrapper' around a legacy core, QuickBank has been designed and built on SOA principles from the round-up. This means it is truly component and can be implemented in its components. This slashes the time-to-value for banks.Its SOA design provides an infrastructure of loosely-coupled components that combine to deliver generic services in the form of business processes and product features.


    QuickBank is fully process-driven, offering a design and run time configuration which delivers improved cost/income ratios through faster development times and reduced complexity.